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Incompass Financial Solutions

114 Hout street

c/o Buitengrachtstreet

Cape Town


+27 (0) 21 424 2460

+27 (0) 21 424 2461


Incompass Financial Solutions provides bespoke financial planning solutions to both local and international clients.

Our service offering has been specifically tailored to those who take seriously their financially planning and seek a knowledgeable and professional partner with whom to fulfil their required financial goals.

As a part of the Intergate Group of companies we are proud of our long established and industry leading knowledge when it comes to cross border affairs. We have assisted hundreds of immigrants in establishing sound financial planning and efficient tax strategies and can boast of client base stretching across all 5 continents.

We differ from many of our competitors by the range of service we offer, fulfilling our ambition of providing a holistic approach to all matters financial. Our services extend to individuals and companies and we are able to offer our expertise in the following areas: -

Personal Services

  • International Taxation – our industry leading tax health check provides clients who are immigrating to South Africa and South African expatriates with a complete overview of the threats and opportunities they face.
  • Financial Planning – working to understand your current situation, what your financial goals are then suggesting appropriate financial plans to help them to reach fruition.
  • UK pension advice for expatriate workers and immigrants. Helping you maximise the benefits of UK accrued pensions and implementing tax efficient strategies.
  • Property Investment – opportunities to invest into appropriate properties that offer a good investment return.
  • Bond/Mortgage Origination – For accessing finance for your property purchase at the most competitive rates.
  • Cash Account private banking – all the benefits of money market accounts, fixed deposits and personal style private banking.
  • Exchange Control – a guide through the impact of exchange control and obtaining the best rates for foreign exchange.

Business Services

  • Business Start Up – We are able to provide company set up services that include sourcing, due diligence, business planning and all initial registrations.
  • Insurance Services – personal insurance for property, cars and household goods, commercial insurance and private medical cover.

Our aim is to provide synergy; expertise and client focus within all of our financial solutions.Our team of professionals will be happy to provide you with any assistance and further information you may need.