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  Aeolus Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Mr Leo A van Gastel


5th Floor Sunset Bay House

Main Road




Aeolus Associated (AA) was founded as a Dutch based company in 2004 to become

active in renewable energy (wind farm) projects. The company is named after the

ancient Olympian God in charge of the winds allowing the boats to sail across the

Aegean Sea. The name pays tribute to the oldest historically known person to use

renewable energy as a natural resource.

AA started its activities in the renewable energy sector with wind and solar projects in

Greece, Italy and China. Africa became the focal continent subsequent to a

reconnaissance visit to Namibia in September 2005. The trip resulted in the 92 MW wind

farm, of which the first phase has completed its developm

The Aeolus team is committed to assist the African continent in enhancing the use of its renewable energy resources by:

- Funding the development and implementation of financially viable, clean and

sustainable RE projects as distributed hybrid supply systems for rural areas.

- Transferring know-how in the fields of management, finance and technology.

- Strengthening socio-economic development through the creation of job

opportunities (local ownership, assembly and production facilities) and by

supporting charity projects.

These challenges will be met by a team of experts supported by a local partnership

structure as well as by a global network of technology and financial Partners.

Aeolus strongly believes and trusts in the combination of Economics and Passion.


 Nyamezela Group Companies

12 Parkview Close

Milnerton Ridge


Commencing with humble beginnings in 2003, the Group has grown from strength to strength taking on ever increasing and complex projects year on year while consistently exceeding customer expectations.

Through the years, yamezela Group  Companies has increased the array of professional service offerings within various engineering  disciplines and constantly strives to surpass the SABS industry standards.

In addition to the engineering industry,  Nyamezela Group Companies also identified opportunities in the business arena, resulting in a specialist business division devoted to  business advisory  services, assurance, financial management, corporate governance, due diligence, financial modeling and more.