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Acorn - Group of Companies

Units 13-14, Northland Corner Mini's,  Northlands Business Park, Newmarket Road, North Riding, 2162, Johannesburg, S-A.

+27 (0) 11 704 6100

+27 (0) 11 704 6099(f)

Gail Downing - Director


Acorn is the owner of a number of South Africa’s leading FMCG brands

• Tabard Insect Repellents • Carbro Specialised Cleaning and Home Care Products • Teepol Dishwashing Liquid
• Teepol Industrial Detergents • Stingose Gel and Spray • Wallis & Sayers Camphor Cream • Vapona Insecticide.
Some Facts about the Acorn Group:
  • Born in 1996
  • Thrives in a number of FMCG and Pharmaceutical business categories
  • Independently owned, strong and successful player in an arena dominated by large corporations
  • Supplies National Retail, Wholesale and Pharmaceutical Trade across Southern Africa
  • Exports throughout the world
  • Acorn offers contract manufacturing as well as marketing and sales representation for profitable brand exposure and ongoing brand development.

 Chemsol Adhesives

10 Archary Road



KwaZulu Natal

+27 (0) 31 465 0906

+27 (0) 83 787 6945


Chemsol is a Q.P.L. Manufacturer and Repackager of more than 600 government and mil-spec chemicals.

Chemsol was created in 1992 with a simple mission to sell 600+ military specifications to fixed-based operators, government bases and agencies, aviation and defense companies, and industrial companies involved in government work.

Chemsol's goal is to provide any specification quickly, properly and with quality, and with no minimum order necessary.